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The Patty Melt

According to, “The classic patty melt is a pretty wonderful thing if you’re a fan of hamburgers and onions. Traditionally the sandwich includes one hamburger patty, which is topped with swiss cheese. Grilled onions are added and the whole burger with rye bread included is grilled to fully melt the cheese. The result is a hot, flavorful burger that differs from the normal hamburger patty. Substitutions for rye bread include panini, Texas toast, or any type of white bread, and some burgers can be made of turkey.”

While I am not a fan of the question, What food best describes your character/personality? I must say, the Patty Melt is pretty spot-on for describing me! Like the Patty Melt, I offer the traditional with a modern twist.  To learn more about how this is done, I encourage you to explore this entire website. You will notice that the basics are there, but covered with flavorful bits of information that are in line with today’s technology-driven world of real estate.  And the best part, you can personally select and make appropriate substitutions to fit your real estate needs.

Have fun discovering and loving the Patty Melt!


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